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Download a spreadsheet of notes

Download a CSV file that includes all of your notes from project settings.

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You can download a spreadsheet of notes for your entire project. Each spreadsheet contains a number of columns in the CSV format, and can be opened with Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or other spreadsheet software.

The spreadsheet export is not able to preserve formatting, layout, highlights, and tags. You can download a PDF of each note to maintain formatting.

Export all notes

This spreadsheet includes all notes in a project. To download a spreadsheet of all highlights in a project:

  1. Open a project.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Find Export all notes.
  5. Click Download.

Export file reference

A reference for the data that we currently provide in the export file.

Column Description
Title Title of the note.
Content Content of the note. This does not include any text formatting, highlights or tags.
Group Name of the group of the note.
Board Name of the board of the note.
Created Created date of the note.
Updated Last date that the note was updated.
URL URL of the note in Dovetail.

Any fields that have been added to notes will also be included in the export.

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