Organize your projects with folders
Create a folderMove existing projects between foldersRename a folder
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Organize your projects with folders

You can categorize and organize your projects on the main projects page using folders. Folders can be made to group projects based on the team, product, active research projects or department that they may be relevant for.

Create a folder

Admins and users can create folders within a workspace. To create a new folder:

  1. Open Projects.

  2. Navigate to the bottom of the project's page and select New folder.

  3. Create a title for the folder.

Once a folder is created, you can also move existing projects into the folder or start a New project within the folder.

Move existing projects between folders

You can move a project into a new folder using drag and drop icon to the right of a project title.

Rename a folder

You can change the title of a folder by selecting the title and editing the name with the text curser.

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Last updated 11 October 2021
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