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About workspace roles

There are three workspace-level roles that a person can have in Dovetail. They can be an admin, a user, or a viewer. What they can do in Dovetail depends on their role. See Update workspace access roles to learn how to change someone’s role.

Everyone has a secure account

Regardless of role, each person in your workspace has an individual and secure account to log in to Dovetail using an email address and password; their Google or Microsoft account; or single sign-on.

About roles

Admins are the most powerful role in Dovetail. Admins can manage all workspace settings, create and manage project extensions and templates, and can contribute and analyze data. Admins are often researchers.

Users can’t manage the workspace, however they can view, contribute, and analyze data within projects. Users are often researchers, product managers, or designers.

Viewers have read only access to projects and cannot edit anything. They can still subscribe to project notifications and add comments. Viewers are often stakeholders, managers, clients, or other teams.

While admins and users take up a seat in billing, viewers are unlimited and free. For more information on seats and pricing, see Pricing model overview.

Permissions table

Here’s a detailed table of which workspace roles can do what:

Search across projects
View projects, insights and stories
Add comments
Subscribe to notifications
Create and manage projects
Contribute data to projects
Analyze data within projects
Create and manage extensions
Create and manage templates
Create and manage stories
Create and manage people
Configure the workspace
Manage authentication options
Manage users and user access roles
Manage billing and customer details
Delete the workspace
Invite admins
Invite users
Invite viewers

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