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Migrate tags to an extension

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Moving or merging project tags to extension tag boards can be a great way to capture data relating to themes that span multiple projects. If you move or merge tags from a project into an extension, the extension will automatically be linked to that project.

Before moving tags to an extension, we recommend you read the feature announcement blog post for extensions, and Tag across projects with extensions.

Get started

Create a new extension in workspace settings, then link it to one or more projects.

Move tags

To move a tag from a project to an extension:

  1. On the tag you’d like to move, click on the (···) button.

  2. Click Move to

  3. Choose a tag group in the extension.

You can undo this action immediately after by clicking the Undo button on the confirmation message in the bottom right corner.

Merge tags

To merge a tag from a project to an extension:

  1. On the tag you’d like to move, click on the (···) button.

  2. Click Merge into

  3. Choose the extension, then tag board, tag group.

  4. Select the extension tag you want to merge your current tag into.

Note: This is a one-way operation. While you can merge a tag into an extension tag, unmerging the tag is currently not supported.

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Last updated 13 September 2022
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