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Dovetail employs industry-standard techniques for password management, encryption, storage, complexity, and reset.

Encryption and storage

The Dovetail web application user authentication system uses Bcrypt to hash and salt user passwords. Each password has a uniquely generated salt, and the 'pepper' is stored independently from the database.

Complexity standard

The Dovetail web application enforces a strong password complexity standard and require user passwords to have at least:

  • 12 characters

  • 1 lower case character

  • 1 upper case character

  • 1 number

  • 1 special character

Secure reset

In the event that a user forgets their password, a user can request their password be reset via a link that is sent to the user's verified email address. This link expires within a limited amount of time if not used.

Password managers

Dovetail encourages customers and users to leverage a password manager to maintain, store, and fill strong passwords when using Dovetail.

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Last updated 25 September 2020
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